1. #Rethink Niagara: A Prosperous People Strategy for Niagara

    Goal: Create a vital, vibrant Niagara where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Objectives: Build an investment strategy emphasizing development of Niagara’s people as the restorative path to achieving prosperity. Create the conditions for Collective Impact* by weaving together diverse efforts currently underway to improve quality of life through economic...
  2. Data the key to fighting poverty

    By Grant LaFleche, The Standard There are some figures that are so large, it is actually hard to get our brains around them. Like $1.38 billion. That is a pile of money so vast, so outside our usual experience, we can’t really fathom it. That’s the kind of money you...
  3. Niagara readies for big data technologies

    Column: Mary Wiley, Special to Postmedia Network – – – “Leverage data and knowledge as resources for predictive intelligence” is the No. 1 overall opportunity for action cited in the Living in Niagara-2014 report. The report, built by diverse Niagara-wide partners, is a triennial snapshot in time of quality of...
  4. Ontario’s third annual GO Open Data Conference

    Join us May 1-2, 2015 for Ontario’s third annual GO Open Data Conference being held in Niagara Region at Brock University, featuring keynote speakers Deputy Premier Deb Matthews, Christian Villum from Open Knowledge International and the Mowat Centre’s Jamie Van Ymeren.

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Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan:


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Niagara's First Employment Inventory: Getting to Know our Economyblog-workers

Thanks to the national Census conducted every five years, we learn about our community in a way that allows constructive action on everyone's part.  Now we have the chance to learn about Niagara's economy in the same robust way. This is because Niagara Region Planning & Development... read more→

Evangelism and the Amazing Spread of Quality Reputation of Ontario Winemakingc64826

This research overview provides a summary of a five-year long study of Ontario winemaking and Ontario Wine Industry’s thirty-year quest for recognition as a world-class wine region. Authors: Dr. Maxim Voronov & Dr. Wesley Helms Published By: Brock University Publication... read more→

How do You Define Data for Niagara?NC-data-blog_fi

The Data and Knowledge Niagara Reference Group is describing qualities of data for Niagara, by: identifying people and organizations working in data in Niagara and beyond; building an inventory of who is gathering data in Niagara, and how they are using and sharing data; and describing... read more→

Concurrent Disorders Capacity Building Strategy: Resource Websitec90568

The Concurrent Disorders Capacity Building Strategy is a project of the HNHB LHIN (Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network) and aims to lead local concurrent disorders improvement projects, create local 'action tables', and provide education on concurrent... read more→

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: A Shared Responsibilityc84722

In 2015, The Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel was appointed to develop a strategy to help the province's current and future workforce adapt to the demands of a technology-driven knowledge economy. This report contains the Panel’s final recommendations specific to the following... read more→

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