1. #Rethink Niagara: A Prosperous People Strategy for Niagara

    Goal: Create a vital, vibrant Niagara where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Objectives: Build an investment strategy emphasizing development of Niagara’s people as the restorative path to achieving prosperity. Create the conditions for Collective Impact* by weaving together diverse efforts currently underway to improve quality of life through economic...
  2. Data the key to fighting poverty

    By Grant LaFleche, The Standard There are some figures that are so large, it is actually hard to get our brains around them. Like $1.38 billion. That is a pile of money so vast, so outside our usual experience, we can’t really fathom it. That’s the kind of money you...
  3. Niagara readies for big data technologies

    Column: Mary Wiley, Special to Postmedia Network – – – “Leverage data and knowledge as resources for predictive intelligence” is the No. 1 overall opportunity for action cited in the Living in Niagara-2014 report. The report, built by diverse Niagara-wide partners, is a triennial snapshot in time of quality of...
  4. Ontario’s third annual GO Open Data Conference

    Join us May 1-2, 2015 for Ontario’s third annual GO Open Data Conference being held in Niagara Region at Brock University, featuring keynote speakers Deputy Premier Deb Matthews, Christian Villum from Open Knowledge International and the Mowat Centre’s Jamie Van Ymeren.

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Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan:


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Niagara Designated a Foreign Trade Zone Point: What Does This Mean for Your Business?c23369

On April 15th, 2016, Niagara Centre Member of Parliament Vance Badawey announced on behalf of the Government of Canada that Niagara is now designated a Foreign Trade Zone Point. Niagara has several comparative advantages that won us this federal designation. Companies already located here are... read more→

Living Wage and Cost of Living: A Guide for Niagara Employersc63370

In the fall of 2014, the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network (NPRN) established working tables to look at income security and wage issues. One of NPRN’s priorities is advocacy for poverty reduction. Two groups were formed to gather information and to build capacity in the Niagara context– one to... read more→

Ontario Wine and Grape Industry Performance Study 2015Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.09.56 PM

This report provides an overview of the state of the industry based on a comprehensive survey of active wineries and grape growers. Information is presented on the financial state of the industry, including the impact of tourism and hospitality. Published By: VQA Ontario &... read more→

Niagara Youth Court Screening Initiative (NYCSI)NYCSI

The Niagara Youth Court Screening Initiative (NYCSI) is a collaborative community initiative that was launched at St. Catharines Youth Court in May 2015. The initiative came out of the work of the Niagara Youth Justice Collaborative and was guided by: Open Minds, Healthy Minds: Ontario’s... read more→

Provincial and Territorial Cultural Indicators 2010-2014c25889

This paper outlines the Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators (PTCI) developed by Statistics Canada. The PTCI are timely economic estimates of culture and sport in Canada and were developed as an extension to the more comprehensive Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account. The... read more→

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