Board and Staff

Board Members

A group of dedicated community volunteers serve on the Niagara Research and Planning Council (operating as Niagara Connects) Board:

Anne Hepplewhite, Chair

Charles Conteh, Director

Clare Cameron, Director (currently on leave)

Jayne Morrish, Director

Majid Hassas, Director

Melenie Neamtz, Vice Chair & Treasurer

Stanleigh Palka, Director

Chris Salvatore, Director

Carolyn Triemstra, Director

Marcia Young, Secretary


The Niagara Connects team of Associates includes people skilled in community engagement, knowledge exchange, translation of evidence to practice, communications, data-sharing, statistics, research, analysis, evaluation, IT and design. A core group leads this work:

Mary Wiley, Executive Director

Sarah Webster, Sr. Knowledge Broker

Sara Johnston, Resources Coordinator

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