Living in Niagara-2011 report: 65 Suggested Action Steps across 12 Sectors

People from around Niagara, who work on the front lines in each of the 12 sectors of Living in Niagara- 2011, informed the report’s 65 Suggested Action Steps. They provide first-hand expert opinion on the assets and emerging issues in the work they do. The Niagara Research and Planning Council (NRAPC) works on behalf of the Niagara-wide community, to bring these Community Expert Opinion Leaders together with Researchers and Social Scientists to collaborate, share knowledge, facilitate research, interpret recommendations and engage the community in the resulting action plans.

NRAPC’s mission is: Generating knowledge that drives community action. One of NRAPC’s knowledge products is the Living in Niagara report (2008, 2011), which provides a regular measure of Niagara-wide quality of life, across 12 sectors that align with the social indicators of health.

To facilitate community action, we’ve created a new publication that summarizes the 13 Overall Opportunities Suggested for Action, and the 65 Suggested Action Steps from the 12 Sectors of the Living in Niagara-2011 report. You can download it here.

Contact us at if you’d like to discuss ideas for Niagara-wide collaboration on issues that are important to the work that you do.

Our next blog post will be all about the Niagara Knowledge Exchange, another knowledge tool that is being built by the community of Niagara.

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