Niagara-wide Community Constructing Niagara Knowledge Exchange

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing lead to innovation.  Evidence-informed planning leads to improved outcomes.  That is why the Niagara-wide community is building the Niagara Knowledge Exchange (NKE).  It’s a tool to help people gather in a vibrant social space, enabled by a digital platform and a team of Knowledge Brokers who help foster connections between people and resources.

On June 6, 2012, the Niagara Research and Planning Council hosted an NKE Collaborative Community Working Session, facilitated by two of Canada’s leading Knowledge Brokers, to inform the construction phase of the NKE.  Forty Niagara-wide partners collaborated and exchanged ideas, to define how they envision utilizing the NKE platform.  Together, we came to a major realization:  that the NKE is primarily about people collaborating in a vibrant social space, enabled by online technology and access to relevant,reliable Niagara-focused data.

The Niagara Research and Planning Council’s vision is “Generating knowledge that drives community action”. Niagara Knowledge Exchange – The Model outlines the work of the Niagara-wide community in building the NKE.  It defines the ways in which people see themselves utilizing the NKE as a tool for learning, sharing innovations and collaborating for a stronger future for Niagara.

If you would like to be involved in building the NKE, please contact us by e-mail: or phone:  905-688-6236.

Niagara Knowledge Exchange & Community Calendar

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