The Power of 13: Intersect between Niagara Research and Planning Council and Sustainable Niagara

NRAPC’s Living in Niagara- 2011 report aligns significantly with the Sustainable Niagara Plan recently adopted by Niagara Region.  The Sustainable Niagara plan has 13 Priority Actions.  Many of these align well with the 13 Overall Opportunities Suggested for Action in the Living in Niagara-2011 report.

  • Increase planning and coordination within sectors:  The Sustainable Niagara plan aims to bring individuals and organizations from across all sectors together around a common vision.
  • Increase inter-sectoral development and partnership: Creating a Niagara Collaborative, under the Sustainable Niagara plan, seeks to build a space where groups from across Niagara can collaborate (virtually, or through an organization, or in a shared space) and make connections across all areas of sustainability.
  • Reduce poverty: Those who contributed to the Sustainable Niagara Action Plan development also felt that poverty was an issue and wanted to Invest in Niagara’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.
  • Create quality employment opportunities and a coordinated economic strategy for Niagara: The economy was a popular action area in the Sustainable Niagara plan with three actions relating to the above suggestion from Living in Niagara. They are: Monitoring the Economic Impacts of the Cultural Sector; Creating a coordinated economic development strategy; and promoting a Buy Local movement in Niagara.
  • Focus on children and youth: Strengthening Education for a Sustainable Future, from the Sustainable Niagara Action Plan has a strong tie-in to this section.

The other eight items mentioned in the Living in Niagara-2011 Overall Opportunities Suggested for Action list can be found in longer lists of suggested actions for each of the 8 Sustainable Niagara goal areas.  It should also be noted that the action: Continuing Regional Transportation Planning from Sustainable Niagara is found under the Transportation and Mobility Section of the 65 Suggested Action Steps in Living in Niagara.

In addition to these similarities, there are also a few areas not mentioned in the Living in Niagara Report that were deemed to be Priority Actions within the Sustainable Niagara Action Planning process. These primarily involved Agriculture, the Built Environment, and Green Initiatives. Six other actions that are found in Sustainable Niagara are:

  • Energy Management Planning
  • Encouraging Green Roofs in Niagara
  • Tracking and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Supporting New Farmers
  • Researching and Promoting Precision Agriculture
  • Completing our Streets

The Priority Actions defined by Sustainable Niagara inform the work of NRAPC in connecting Niagara-wide community partners to drive the 65 intra- and inter-sectoral action steps suggested by the Living in Niagara-2011 report.

The sum total of both initiatives provides powerful evidence for planning Niagara’s future.  Together, they position the Niagara-wide community to take collective action in building the Niagara Knowledge Exchange, and in measuring our quality of life, in the Living in Niagara-2014 report.

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