Niagara Community Discussion on Poverty airs on Cogeco

Catherine Mindorff-Facca, Chair of the Niagara Research and Planning Council, said poverty is not just an individual problem, but a problem for the entire Niagara community, during taping of a Cogeco Taking Niagara By Storm show at Welland’s Rose City Kids Theater on October 24, 2012.

Eliminating poverty requires an investment in a municipalty’s strategic economic plan which requires the participation of politicians, local business owners and individuals. Doing nothing to help individuals move out of poverty has a large financial impact, she said.

To put poverty into perspective, Mindorff-Facca said the social cost to Niagara is about $277 million per year. That money could provide funding for 1,200 new homes, 648 public transit buses and employ 5,000 people per year with a $55,000 salary, and if invested properly, could aid individuals in obtaining a higher income and leaving poverty behind.

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