Knowledge to drive action

Niagara Connects launches online tool tracking 12 sectors of life in Niagara

Knowledge to drive action

As part of the launch celebration for its newest endeavor — — Niagara Connects honoured the volunteer builders who helped to establish the organization over the last eight years.

Niagara This Week – St. Catharines
December 12, 2013

WELLAND — Niagara Connects is taking its wealth of information online.

Last week the Niagara-wide network focused on planning, learning and innovation for Niagara’s future celebrated the launch of The website will function as an online tool tracking and compiling data across 12 sectors of life in Niagara.

“Our mission is to generate knowledge that drives community action,” said executive director Mary Wiley. She explained the organization was founded eight years ago with that mission in mind. Working through the efforts of volunteers, Niagara Connects releases a Living in Niagara Report every three years measuring the quality of life across 12 sectors including arts, transportation, education, prosperity and health care.

“The whole idea here is to get people talking within and across those 12 sectors,” said Wiley, explaining the new website, funded through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, will further expand on that data with webinars, community blog posts, data, research reports, event schedules and electronic newsletters. The real purpose for both tools, she pointed out, is to drive and assist planning for a brighter future in Niagara.

“For anyone who is planning the two tools are very integrated,” said Wiley. “Ideas are the currency of the future.”

“The end goal of our work is to fast-track people’s search for relevant, reliable information that enables focused planning within the Niagara context” said Chair Madelyn Law.

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Niagara Connects is a proud participating member of the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network.