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Niagara Connects is pleased to share the Living in Niagara – 2017 quality of life report. On November 28, 2017, the report launch was celebrated with 350 people present at the 16th annual Niagara Community Foundation Niagara Leaders Breakfast.

The 2017 edition is the fourth Living in Niagara report; the first one was released in 2008. The triennial report, its 12 Sectors, and its companion tool, (NKE) are described, built and owned by the Niagara-wide community. These tools are cornerstones in building a culture of using Niagara-focused data, information and knowledge to plan for a stronger future.

Niagara Connects facilitates construction of the report, by combining relevant, reliable, Niagara-focused data with knowledge shared by hundreds of people working on the front lines in and across the 12 Living in Niagara Sectors:

Niagara Connects is a Niagara-wide network of people working together to plan, learn, innovate and lead community action toward a stronger future for Niagara. The Living in Niagara – 2017 report and supporting data can be found at

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Niagara Connects is a proud participating member of the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network.