August 23rd, 2019 eNewsletter

Niagara Connects brings diverse people and organizations together to build capacity for gathering, sharing, using, and learning from Niagara-focused evidence (data, research, information, knowledge). We do this to support focused planning for a stronger future. The Living in Niagara (LIN) report and Niagara Knowledge Exchange (NKE) are integrated tools to support this work.

Updates about relevant and timely Niagara-focused information, opportunities and discussions that have been added to the Niagara Knowledge Exchange in the past week:

View the Niagara Community Calendar and use the top drop-down menus to filter events by sectors (categories) or tags.
Learning Opportunities

Community Events

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Niagara Knowledge Exchange & Community Calendar

Niagara Connects is a proud participating member of the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network.