Niagara Knowledge Exchange

Ontario Trillium Foundation (NKE) is a tool to support evidence-informed planning, collective action and Niagara-wide community innovations. It is built on the 12 Living in Niagara Sectors, that align with the Social Indicators of Health.  It is populated by members of the Niagara-wide community in partnership with the Knowledge Brokers at Niagara Connects.

The NKE is a tool that leverages the Niagara Connects network of people, and is enabled by:

  • Knowledge Broker service to connect people to people and people to resources
  • Real-time opportunities to exchange information
  • An online platform that offers a social space in which Niagara citizens can connect to share data, information, knowledge and resources

  • Supports the learning needs of people seeking relevant, reliable Niagara-focused evidence and data to enable planning that drives community action
  • Stimulates, supports, and shares innovations in Niagara
  • Builds and strengthens collaboration between diverse community partners and citizens of Niagara
  • Includes the Niagara Community Calendar, for Niagara-wide sharing of events, community activities, and learning opportunities.


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Niagara Knowledge Exchange:  Built by the Niagara-wide Community!

The construction phase of the Niagara Knowledge Exchange (NKE) runs from 2012 to 2014. It is supported by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the Innoweave Program of the McConnell Foundation.  A group of forty volunteers leads the Niagara-wide community in describing this community-built horizontal knowledge exchange tool.

The call to build the NKE arose from a November, 2010 Niagara-wide forum to discuss the concept of internet-based knowledge-sharing for focused, evidence-informed planning for a stronger future for Niagara. Over seventy citizens from across Niagara who work in the area of community development attended that original forum, and those supporting creation of the NKE continues to grow.

At the 2010 knowledge exchange forum, keynote speaker Ian E. Wilson, former Chief Librarian and Archivist for Canada, and Executive Director of the University of Waterloo’s Stratford Institute, a social and digital media think tank, challenged forum participants to break down silos and engage in horizontal knowledge-sharing.

Panelists Megan Harris, a Knowledge Broker with the Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange, Tim Ribaric, a Digital Librarian with Brock University, and Tom Jamieson, GIS Mapping Manager, Niagara Region, emphasized the importance of harnessing potential of digital technologies to spark innovation.  A vision emerged of positive community action resulting from effective online sharing of Niagara-focused data, research reports, mapping and more.

Dr. Heather Kilty of Brock University facilitated round-table focus groups at the forum. Participants expressed strong support for creation of an accessible, reliable, relevant Niagara-focused digital platform for collaborative exchange of data, reports, mapping and other information that would assist with community planning.

Downloads available:

Niagara Knowledge Exchange – the Model (July, 2012)
Slides from the November 16, 2010 Niagara Knowledge Exchange Forum
Summary of Round Table Discussion Results, November 16, 2010 Niagara Knowledge Exchange Forum