Rowing the Boat Together

Rowing the Boat Together

The Rowing the Boat Together project offers the opportunity for Niagara-wide front-line community service workers to collaborate, share knowledge, learn and network.


Funded in part by Niagara Region through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative

Funded in part by Niagara Region through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative

Niagara Connects is gathering the Niagara-wide community to participate in the Rowing the Boat Together project, which is funded through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative.

The Rowing the Boat Together project is rooted in the work of the community:

  • “Putting the Pieces Together” (2008 – 2012) – A series of locally-based sessions were held across Niagara, for front-line community service workers to collaborate, identify local community service assets and ways to work together to strengthen service delivery. Originating in 2008 in Niagara Falls and Fort Erie, these sessions extended to Port Colborne, Welland, West Niagara and St. Catharines in 2012.
  • NPI “Community Conversations” Report (2009) – The voices of Niagara citizens receiving community services were heard through this report. The “Service Delivery” theme area of the report calls for increased communication and coordination of resources between agencies, as well as agencies collaborating within local hubs to provide client-centered service delivery.
  • Social Assistance Review (2011) – A common theme emerged from comments made by both community service workers and Niagara citizens receiving community services, during the July 2011 Social Assistance Review meetings in Niagara. The theme was that Niagara citizens receiving community services would benefit from increased collaboration among service providers, which, in turn could result in positive professional development and learning opportunities for community service workers.
  • Niagara Poverty Reduction Network (NPRN) – The Collaboration subcommittee of the NPRN has identified Niagara-wide inter-agency collaboration as being a key step toward developing a common vision and definition of “client-centered service”. The Niagara Poverty Reduction Network includes more than 30 agencies “working collectively to reduce poverty in Niagara through information sharing, changing attitudes, and compelling Niagara citizens to get involved and take action”.
  • Niagara Housing and Homelessness Initiative (2012) – Inter-agency collaboration, to improve housing opportunities and prevent homelessness emerged as one of the highest priorities expressed by Niagara community service agencies responding to Niagara Region’s Fall 2012 Phase 1 Housing & Homelessness Consultation.

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Next Steps:

Wednesday April 17, 2013, 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. – Niagara-wide Forum. Welland Community Wellness Complex, 145 Lincoln Street, Welland
Person-Centered Service Delivery for Niagara – Steps We Can Take Together
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This video presents the themes of the RTBT project:

Initial Rowing the Boat Together Forum:
Participants engage in Practice Talk:
Collaborative Practice Talk session held November 14, 2012:
Rowing the Boat Together - Collaborative Learning Session for Executive Directors and Managers - January 30, 2013
View the WEBINAR from Wednesday, April 3, 2013