Sinéad McElhone, Director

Sinéad McElhone has a BSc (Hons) degree in Human Nutrition and a PhD in the large scale epidemiological study of obesity in children and adolescents, both from Ulster University in Northern Ireland. She then travelled and worked in Deakin University Melbourne, Australia as a post-doc research fellow in the area of child obesity before returning to England an obtaining a position as a Senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University in the areas of nutrition, epidemiology and public health. She has a longstanding, genuine interest and passion in providing high quality local health-related intelligence to groups, communities and agencies within Niagara. Sinéad is a firm believer in utilizing knowledge translation principles to ensure that complex data and information is provided to stakeholders in a way that is conducive to good decision-making and community action. She is well-versed in the research process, information management, data governance and digital technology as it relates to keeping data private and secure within an organization.

She is now the Manager of Surveillance and Evaluation team which currently comprises of epidemiologists, medical informatics specialists, data analysts, a statistician and a geospatial health specialist at Niagara Region Public Health and therefore has an in-depth knowledge of the health of Niagara Residents. Her team is currently working to onboard public health programs and services onto an electronic medical record system, to implement and enhance current Information Governance standards (privacy, audit and governance standards) and to analyze and disseminate vast amounts of data that are currently being collected within Public Health. Her team also places a heavy focus on population health and health equity and identifying the prevalence of key health issues such as diabetes, cancer and sexually transmitted infections in various demographic groups and translating this information to usable intelligence for decision makers. Sinéad is also an Adjunct Professor at Brock University teaching students in the areas of equity, data and public health.