Why it matters

Evidence-based planning rooted in relevant, reliable Niagara-focused knowledge is critical for planners, managers, leaders, business people and others to make informed decisions about targeted actions that will truly impact Niagara citizens’ lives.  Fostering an understanding of Niagara’s many assets and strengths, as well as the very real challenges affecting quality of life in Niagara is a primary goal of Niagara Connects (formerly Niagara Research and Planning Council).

The Living in Niagara Report , a regular measure of quality of life in Niagara across 12 sectors that align with the social determinants of health, is produced by Niagara Connects in collaboration with Niagara-wide community partners.  The report is a valuable research and planning tool because it:

• Highlights key issues and priorities in Niagara;
• Reflects the values of Niagara citizens;
• Provides research and statistics on key issues;
• Validates, with statistics, the social service/voluntary sectors;
• Creates and maintains a community report card; and
• Measures the well-being of Niagara.